Dear friend:

We are extremely glad that you are interested in our Affiliate Program! Here is the information you are looking for:

The way in which you can benefit from our program is through referral links. This means that you have your own website or webpage, or be present on any other online communication media such as Facebook, Youtube, etc. through which you are able to reach your audience and promote our products. (You can also use your e-mail contacts).

If this is your case, you can directly apply to our affiliate program by clicking here. Once you submit your application we will proceed to review it, then we will decide if we decline it or approve it. Next, you will receive an email confirmation of approval.

After that, you will be able to login to your Members Area where you will be able to choose which products you want to sell. You will be provided with both text and image links to our products which you can place anywhere you like on your website, webpage, or any other communication support. Each text or image link will contain your own referral code, and it will help us track every sale you make.

Chilife’s commission rate is $10 USD for each completed order for a product. And payment is done on the second week of the month at the latest, with a minimum amount of 20 USD.

Our Affiliate Program is a very simple, honest way to increase your income, and in doing so, you are also contributing to spread important knowledge to people who most need it; allowing them to take responsibility for their own health and heal themselves with the Biomagnetic Therapy techniques contained in our course.

We are eager to count you among our affiliate members, and we hope that our generous program will benefit you in many ways!

Let us now if you have any questions.

We are very looking forward to start working with you very soon!

Our best wishes to you!

The Chilife Virtual University Team